• Decals are available in any length and are measured <---LEFT TO RIGHT--->
  • You may request the height you want by noting it in the comments box but you are still ordering WIDTH (left to right).  Though it is best to let the height "work out" to be proportional so the lettering doesn't look "squashed".
  • Prices are $1.00 an inch with a $5.00 minimum.
  • Font list is shown below.  *Note - If the lettering is in all caps  or all lower case then that is the only option.  Otherwise you may substitute "ALL CAPS" or "all lower case" lettering.
  • Yamaha Examples  ---  Honda Examples
  • Don't see the Font you want?  Let us know the name of the font you need and we will make the decal for you.  We have over 1000 fonts available and will get ones we don't have if needed.
  • The black on in the image represents the color you are choosing.  The white is just a background color and is not part of the decal.  Your Sticker will not have a background; all Stickers are die-cut.  See the color chart for details on colors.

Custom Lettering Decals and Stickers

We specialize in Custom Decals

Looking for Custom Lettering Decals and Stickers (based on overall width) or

Custom Numbering Decals and Stickers (based on overall width) ?

Click on the image to left if looking for your custom lettering to be a specific height.

By Height (in Inches): 0.50.7511.522.533.545678910111213141516171819202122